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  • Lucia Mallea

A non Disney weekend in ORLANDO!

My husband George absolutely loves the outdoors, so while I would much rather go to Disney in Orlando, he planned a whole weekend out in the wild.

Here's the list he made. We did not have time to do all of these things, so I guess will be coming back soon. Oh boy.


Wekiwa Springs State Park

Make sure to go very early in the morning or after 2:30 PM because the line to get into the park can get crazy. We waited for 90 minutes (insert scream emoji here).

The entree fee is $6 per car. It's open from 8 am to 8 pm.

You can bring in food and have a picnic (YAY!). Don't worry, if you forgot to bring snacks, they have a well refrigerated convenience store (ohhh so nice) where you can get some things.

The water is pretty cold (at lease when we went in June) but perfect to cool off the summer heat. Make sure to bring your pool floats!!

You can just relax in the water or check out some of the activities available. You can rent kayaks and canoes!

Oh, and while you are there, make sure to watch our for cool wildlife!

We spotted a whole family of armadillos.

So adorable.

You can check out more here:

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