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about me

Argentine born, daughter of an Artist and a Diplomat, my life has been filled with a sense of freedom and adventure. 

8 cities and 10 schools after, I married an American, only to continue traveling around the world!

I have always loved crafting, and one of the best things about it is that you can take it wherever you go. The passion of creating lives in you - so you can make something out of anything, anywhere!

From creating every last detail for my wedding (what would later become my first business Wedding Factory), to my kids themed birthday parties, I have always loved making new ideas come to life. I've crafted numerous projects and worked with many different materials - from paper to wood, there's always something magical to discover!


I have worked for numerous companies/brands such as Disney, Discovery Kids, Starbucks, Amazon, Fuji Films, Sharpie, Kenzo, Nestlé and many more. I've also worked as a brand ambassador for Brother's Scanncut cutting machine creating content for over 3 years.

I wrote articles and crafted many DIY projects for Revista OHLALA - Argentina's main magazine for women.

I've also given crafty workshops for various companies and have had the opportunity to be a speaker at festivals focused on women's entrepreneurship & leadership (such as Danone's women festival).


  • Content creation

  • Creative, fun, and easy to do DIYs videos (reel, 1-minute feed, and IGTV)

  • Stop Motion

  • Photo prop crafting

  • Photo styling

  • Workshops

  • Window Displays

  • Personalized mentions and tags

  • Stories with "Swipe Up"

  • Event coverage

  • Travel experience

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